Series 900 & 900 HD

Series 900 & 900 HD

With our Full Servo Series 900, and Series 900 HD Front and Rear Mounted Transfer Systems, the press entrance and exit windows are completely clear of the part transfer equipment.

This system can offer up to 8 feet of Standard Lift (Z Axis) travel to accommodate Pass Line Adjustment, Working Lift, and Elevation for Die Change Access with a Lift Truck with the same module.

The Series 900 and Series 900 HD are designed to access a Parts Database that establishes optimized recipes for each part running through the system.

Series 900 and Series 900 HD are designed for “Front and Back” Press Mount Applications

  • All steel construction, and extremely robust drivetrain design
  • Front and back press mounting. Perfect for machines with smaller window dimensions, or Presses used for both Transfer and Non Transfer work
  • Fully programmable, two axis, three axis, and crossbar mode capable
  • Standard Design accommodates 1 ¼” Construction Tooling Mounting Provisions
  • Application Specific Tooling Configurations can accommodate Third Party (Modular) Tooling or Legacy Tooling Mountings
  • No bolster attachment required, elevates clear for changeover access or for progressive die production
  • Standard Eight Motor All Servo System Design
  • Designed to Handle High Payloads with Minimal Deflection
  • Design to accommodate Bolster Sizes ranging from 120″ L-R to 364″ L-R
  • Service and Support that has been the Industry Standard for decades