Series 800 HD

Series 800 HD (All-Servo)

The Series 800 Full Servo Transfer mounts on the ends of the press (in the window) allowing for easy access to transfer tooling and dies.

The HMS Products Through the Window Part Transfer System Offers features listed below:

Series 800 – Designed for “Through the Press Window” Applications

  • Standard Six Motor All Servo System Design
  • Designed to Handle Payloads of 1500lbs
  • Design to accommodate Bolster Sizes Reaching 300″ RL x 120″ FB
  • Operates in a Two Axis, Three Axis or Crossbar Transfer Modes
  • Fully Automatic Tooling Change Capability
  • Pedestal Mounts for Docking and Decoupling the Master Bars on the Bolsters
  • Standard Design accommodates 1 ¼” Construction Tooling Mounting Provisions
  • High Performance 9″ x 6″ Aluminum Extruded Center Rail
  • Fully Programmable: up to 72″ Pitch (X-axis), 40″ of Finger Travel (Y-axis), and 20″ of Lift (Z-axis)
  • Service and Support that is the Industry Standard