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We thank you for choosing HMS Products Co. to assist you in making your Press Automation Decision. HMS Products Co. had its origin in 1960 as a design services business. Very early on we recognized a need for high performance Pressroom Automation, with a keen focus on Tooling Integration. Our company has been in and around the pressroom for over 45 years.

HMS Products Co. will begin your project with the following principles in mind:

  • Design world class equipment.
  • Minimize travels wherever possible, and efficiently use available time.
  • Support your Customer from day one to the conclusion of each successful launch.

This recipe had yielded Successful Projects, Higher Productivity Rates, and made our equipment the industry standard for many years. Market conditions and a Customer’ expectation of complete flexibility has required HMS to re-invent our product line to match the needs of today’s global stamper. Over the past several years HMS Products Co. has been in an ongoing development cycle focused on Full Servo Transfer Equipment. This same passion for up front design, High Performance, and Excellence has allowed HMS to roll out and successfully launch very distinct designs of Full Servo Transfer equipment targeted toward specific Press designs, Market needs, and Performance levels.

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Series 800 HD Series 900 & 900 HD Blank Destackers
Press Hardening Automation Transfer Tooling Service

In and Around the Pressroom for Over 45 Years
Your Pressroom Automation Specialists

Over 45 Years Experience

At HMS, we have never had it in us to follow. That’s why we have blazed new trails on our own and built a reputation at the top of the pressroom automation industry. We’re not just at the top in sales, we’re at the top in innovative contributions.

Our website is designed to pique your interest in the wide array of equipment we offer. We encourage you to checkout our Fully Programmable All Servo Part Transfer Systems:

  • Series 800 HD – Through the Window Mount
  • Series 900 and Series 900 HD – Front and Back Mount

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