Part Transfer Systems

Pressroom Automation Equipment - Part Transfer Systems

HMS Products Co. is a full service Pressroom Automation Specialist. We will provide equipment and engineering services to compliment any transfer application your company may have.

  • Full Series of Part Transfer Systems for every application and budget
  • Part Transfer Systems are adaptable to any new or existing press

We offer a full line of Part Transfer Systems ranging from an All Mechanical system to Fully Programmable All Servo Systems. What kind of transfer is right for your company?

full programmable all servo part transfer systems

Fully Programmable All Servo Part Transfer Systems
Series 700, Series 800, and Series 900

All motions (Finger Clamp, Lift, and Pitch) are Servo driven and fully programmable to accommodate infinite part configurations. These systems are available in Standard or Heavy Duty (HD) versions to accommodate up to a 300" Bolster.

servo mechanical part transfer systems

Servo/Mechanical Part Transfer Systems - Series 600

Finger clamp and lift are CAM driven off the ram of the press and the linear motion is Servo driven to give a maximum Pitch of a 72 inches.

all mechanical part transfer systems series 500

All Mechanical Part Transfer Systems - Series 500

All motions of the Mechanical Transfer System (Finger Clamp, Lift, and Pitch) are CAM driven off the ram of the press.